Shoemaster's Hidan no Aria Tv Review

Rated: 8

I particularly like Aria, she reminds me of the palmtop Taiga in Toradora which I think is very cute. Sometimes I feel sorry for Shirayuki because she is like a devoted wife to Kinji, always so caring and obsessed over him but get snatched away by the awesomeness of Aria Holmes. In one of the episode I started to fall for her when she wanted Kinji to do her or something and she look so innocent and that gave me a blood rush. Reki, the sniper, is one of my fav, her cool style combined with her awesome sniping which I think is just awesome. Riko is a perverted Otaku and she is a very interesting character, very good at gathering information for Kinji and always into seducing and teasing him.

This anime is eye-catching and got style.

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Shoemaster's Yosuga no Sora Tv Review

Rated: 7

“Yosuga no Sora” does not stand out much in the romance and drama genre and can be regarded as boring sometimes but it is nonetheless interesting to watch depending on your taste. When you first watch this series you will get an immediate impression that this might be your Clannad kind of anime with well-polished animation and good story focusing more on the plot instead of fanservice but you be wrong. Although the animation is eye-catching and the two main characters are attractive by comparison to the rest of the cast, it contains incest, some fanservice and sex scenes. Sort of borders on eroge and soft-core hentai. The incest part is a taboo and may lead you to feel disgusted but most people still watches it though because you want to know how it all ends and it will be dramatic.

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Shoemaster's School Days Tv Review

Rated: 7

The game series of school days contain about 20 endings in which there are 3 bad endings. The producers of the show I think wanted to create shock value to their anime series and so included some bizzare element in the ending of the story. You will find in this series that all the characters are not so likeable and as you go you might hate them especially the protagonist.

The writer and producers of this show if they really intended did portray the characters in a rather negative and untypical fashion where they are totally inconsiderate towards each other. I wonder how Makoto can go on even when the girls find out about his promiscuous behavior. Such a typical playboy attitude certainly was a good build up on the element of the plot.

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